Within the gate:

  • With  its  acres of landscape parks,bushes and farmland the property is ideal for relaxing walks and offers marvellous opportunity for  children to play outdoor .
  • On the farm there are dozens of cows,lambs,sheep,donkeys,geese,pigs and poultry to ensure you can get a close up experience with real farm animals
  • The forefront area of our hundred- years-old cellar on top of the “little mountain” is excellent for picnicking .
  • Sitting at the foot of the centuries-old ruins of a chapel you can enjoy a picturesque sunset  view with the silhouette of the Börzsöny mountain.
  • Our huge walnut tree with its great shade is the best place to practise traditional Hungarian cauldron cooking.
  • Looking for a place to take a nap ,read a book or sunbathing? Please visit our open summer-house.
  • Take an up to 6kms light walk alongside the Lókos creek that our farmland follows .
  • Badminton,and  nest swing for the children are provided.
  • Cycling possibilities.
  • Guided tours on our guest’s request.
  • In the backyard spice and vegetable garden to cultivate and  to use as you may wish.

Things to do outside our gates:

  • Kétbodony and its surroundings:The village has been inhabited since the Middle Ages.During the Mongol invasion  belonged to the Kartals and later on became property of the Bodoni family.But before had finaly returned and stayed in the hands of this  family for a short period of time, between 1264 and 1276 ,was owned by the Dominician Nunnery of the Margaret Island . Read more ..
  • Kétbodony(Rákóczi Memorial):An equestrian statue of prince sovereign Ferenc Rákóczi was unveiled to commemorate the three hundredth anniversary of Rákóczi’s War of Independence.There are two information boards : one is to tell you about the most important events of the war and the other one is to get you to know more about the battles that took place in the villages of Kétbodony and Romhány.
  • Romhány Rákóczi Hazel: To get to the famous tile factory in Romhány one must cross the stream of  Lókos and its finely decorated stone bridge that worth having a look. After passing by the factory we continue on Bereczky Máté street that leads us just outside  the village.There, by the Kastélyka -vineyard that we can found the giant and beautiful Rákóczi Hazel and on its west side there are  some clearly visible remains of an old building Read more …
  • Bánk – Louis Armstrong Jazz Festival: The Story of the Louis Armstrong Jazz Festival started in 2004 when completing the Pólus Palace Classic Weekend oldsmobil fans and jazz-lovers gathered  here  with the support of the Lake Hotel Bánk.Ever since last weekend of June is   dedicated to jazz around the lake.
  • Bánk: Adventure park for children
  • Lake Bánki: The Lake Bánki is a small lake in the village of Bánk at Nógrád County .It  is set in 7 acres and with its average depth of 4 meter  is very popular among swimmers and anglers .The earliest written record of the lake is from the 1820s. More …
  • Balassagyarmat: The city of  Balassagyarmat in Nógrád county lays on the left bank of river Ipoly and  is also a border crossing point to Slovakia. It is headquarters of the Balassagyarmat district.The suffix of Balassagyarmat refers to the tribe of conquering Hungarians called Colony(Gyarmat) and recieved its prefix in the 15th century,which originates from the  name of the Balassa family one of the  most influental landowners. Read more
  • Hollókő: Hollókő is the only Hungarian village that is listed on UNESCO World Heritage List and so is well known worldwide.Apart from Budapest there were no other Hungarian spot included on this list until 1987 when the World Heritage Committee agreed to include this nógrád county village Hollókő as well. Read more …                                                                                            
  • Ipolytarnóc: The Fossils Nature Reserve of Ipolytarnóc is a  famous paleontological  site often described as  an ” ancient Pompeii” burried  by a volcanic disaster 20 million years ago.  No wonder it has got the European Diploma of Protected Areas granted by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe .The scientific studies of the area began in 1836 and  it has been protected since 1944.
  • Ipoly Forest Nature Trails:   Szendehely-Katalinpuszta is the  gate of the Börzsöny and Cserhát Mountains . It is within quick and easy reach of Budapest and the north-eastern agglomeration of the capital. But – thanks to the M0 ring –   almost the whole country has access to the region . Read more
  • Szécsény:Szécsény was one of the oldest prehistoric colony of the Ipoly-valley. On the Round Hill Bone and Stone- Age people settled down. Danda-Szemetjén and Dögtér were inhabited by Bronze- Age people and  Kőhegyén and  the  Strázsapart region were occupied by their  Iron -Age population. Read more …